Attacked by Swans

Late yesterday evening I went out to the old Rhine arms, an area where the River Rhine used to flow before it was straightened in 1817. This flood plain is covered in trees that stick out of the water. My favorite time to visit is winter when the trees stick out of the ice.

The way the River Rhine used to flow before 1817

Yesterday I went out shooting closer to where the new River Rhine flows.  The lower area is populated by swans and while shooting there yesterday, I was attacked by them, rushing off I realized the next day that I had lost my light meter. Returning there the next day, my light meter was still laying on the shore, still turned on.

Attacked by swans

I did end up with some nice images. Sadly I do not have a Negative scanner in Germany, so I layed my negatives on to my screen and photographed them with my i-phone. The results were a real moire as I used to know from my printing days.  I am a lucky girl, that's all I can say.