Past and Present

Coming from the new world into the old, I notice the many things that have survived with the ages.

I imagine the people that have been here before us. Perhaps we don't have to catch our own fish or hunt deer to survive, but many traditions remind us of a time long past.

One such place is the "Alme" - dialect for common land, from the french "Allmende". These are plots at the outskirts of town, where that townspeople can lease to grow their vegetables.

I remember very old people on their bicycles with a pick and shovel over their shoulders on their way to the fields. Even today you can see people with a tiny trailer hitched to their bicycles transporting dirt or harvested potatoes.

Another thing that can still be seen is the craftsmanship of architectural details.

The amount of time that was put into the design of a door for example stands the test of time. This craftsmanship is getting lost all around the world. I do hope newer generations take an interest and make sure that the craft and pride that goes into creating something will not be lost.