A different experience

Most travelers will experience extremely crowded places, visiting the top sights in Italy, such as monuments in Florence, Rome or Venice. But even in those cities one can find Viva Italiana in the most unusual places. Places less traveled.

Santuario della Madonna de Montenero

Such a place is the Santuario della Madonna de Montenero, in Cinque Terre, high above the hussle and bussle of the crowded trains below. This place seems to above it all with views over the entire Cinque Terre region and beyond.

Or walking around on a rainy day in a lovely town called Chiavari, just a train-ride north of Cinque Terre.

taking shelter in one of the local l'osteria's an Italian tavern, serving whatever is fresh for the day.

Visiting a flea market, finding old treasures.

Or creepy puppets . . .

The experience will be real.