Analog vs digital

Analog. One step at a time. Load, wind, frame, measure light, expose, wind. 12 exposures. (Each of these come with original sounds). Spool film, soak, develop, stop, fix, wash, dry. Enlarge, focus, expose, test, expose, develop, stop, fix, wash, dry. Flatten, dry-mount, cut mats, sleeve, edition.

Why do we do it when digital is much easier? Because we love looking through the viewfinder, the sound every time the shutter fires, the smell of the darkroom, the splashing of the liquid, the touch of the paper. With Pin-hole - not knowing what you are going to get. Surprises. Maybe slow, but its tactile, sensuous and very zen.

Its not Analog vs Digital. They are two different things. Its not a question of which is better, but more so what approach you want to take.

Holga Pinhole

Holga Pinhole

Digital yields amazing results and has a firm place in photography. I think its all about what we value as individuals!