Memories of the Black Forest

Living on the most Northern part of the Black Forest it seems natural to have childhood memories. But one in particular had more to do with a watercolor that hung in my families home that my mom had done when she was young.

Forbach Bridge Watercolor

It was that of a young woman using a sichel to gather flowers on a bridge near Forbach that was build in the middle ages. I always imagined that it was indeed my mom as a young woman in the picture.

Today, I drove across the bridge and found the spot from where the pictures was taken.

Forbach Bridge | Black Forest

With a very good feeling, I drove up into the mountains where there was still snow and fog. I finally found my single birch tree that I have been looking for.

Birchtree in the fog | Black Forest

Mai-poles were abundant on my drive as every village had their own version.

Gernsbach Altstadt | Black Forest