Wiesen und Wälder

Meadows and woods, that is what surrounds this area in the south of Germany, very close to the border to Alsace, where storks breed on church rooftops and the world has not moved much from where it was one hundred years ago.

Bietigheim | Baden

Remanence of the old world are still visible, in the fields, the fertile ground still bears importance in the lives of the inhabitants who have lived here for hundreds of years. Time is told by how high the corn has grown, if hay has been rolled or by the appearance of certain wildflowers.

Canola fields

Huge blankets of yellow, like a beacon in the rainy months of April give light to the summer months to come.

Canola fields in the rain

The smells of my childhood are ever present especially riding my bike through the woods, where the temperature drops by 10 degrees and a musty smell becomes ever prevalent. I don't remember seeing as many brooks before. A decade ago many of the streams were put into their natural state and biotopes made it possible for wildlife to return to its former glory.

Brook through the woods